Enhanced environment pledge from US-based Guittard with solar panel installation

The US-based premium Guittard Chocolate Company has enhanced its commitment to sustainable production values in adding solar panels to its Fairfield site.

As the San Francisco firm explained, the move will notably reduce the company’s environmental impact through  renewable energy, water conservation, and waste reduction practices.

The scheme is part of its Cultivate Better platform, Guittard dedicates itself to ethical sourcing, expert crafting, industry leadership, environmental initiatives, and long-term sustainability both at home and in the cacao-growing countries in which it works.

Guittard partnered with Commercial Energy and Centrica Business Solutions to design and install the solar project on its 300,000 square-foot Fairfield facility, which was built to expand the company’s capacity beyond its Burlingame headquarters. Guittard’s new rooftop solar system includes 2,992 solar panels expected to generate 1.7 Million kWh of power per year, offsetting 50% of the facility’s demand.

Significantly reducing the company’s environmental footprint, the solar energy captured is estimated to save 1,217 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year, equivalent to removing 263 cars from the road. The facility, which is used for warehousing, high-speed packaging, and proprietary chocolate production, supports Guittard’s growth and innovation for its national and international wholesale/manufacturing, professional/foodservice, and consumer/retail customers.

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