Uncle Joe’s designs guide on safe celebrations for Bonfire Night

British premium sweet brand Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls has created a campaign promoting this year’s Bonfire Night celebrations amid concern that Covid-19 restrictions are set to impact on the occasion.

The UK government confirmed that England will be placed into its second lockdown period, set to last until 2 December, following in the footsteps of France, Belgium and Germany, which have announced similar measures in recent weeks.

However, under the new guidance small family celebrations for Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes night in the UK, typically featuring sweet treats including marshmallows and toffee apple desserts, is marked on 5 November, just after the new restrictions are set to come into force.

In response to the situation, Uncle Joe’s, which has a heritage dating back to 1898, has continued an initiative to help preserve the annual tradition in the form of a new guide for family celebrations.

It includes suggestions for:

– Bonfire Night hide and seek. Hiding Bonfire Night sweets such as treacle toffee around the house and garden for children to find.

– Teaching children traditional Bonfire Night games such as apple bobbing – fill a basin with cold water and apples and try to pull an apple out of the water using only your teeth – Firework art. Use coloured chalks to draw your favourite fireworks on a patio, wall or paved area. You can even take a photo and frame it as a lasting memory. Just make sure you buy washable chalk.
– Making a Guy. Help your children make an effigy of Guy Fawkes and hang them outside your house. Compete against your neighbours, like a mini Bonfire Night scarecrow festival
– Roasted chestnuts. Chestnuts can be gathered up for conker tournaments or roasted for an evening snack over a fire to keep you warm
– Bake some Parkin. Originally created in the North of England but now enjoyed throughout the country. Fun and easy to make, this is another great activity to tuck into

John Winnard MBE, Joint Managing Director of Wigan-based Uncle Joe’s, said: “Bonfire Night is an event that everyone looks forward to each year but many community events won’t be happening this year because of coronavirus and social distancing rules. But that is no reason not to celebrate and with a bit of imagination people can still have fun. We don’t want these traditional celebrations to just fizzle out this year.”

Uncle Joe’s started the annual production of its treacle toffee early this year, after people’s plans for post-lockdown celebrations led to increased orders for the autumn favourite.

John added: “People are obviously looking for ways to treat themselves and some people will still have fireworks in the back garden but people we have been speaking to have been quite upset about the fact that bonfire displays and trick or treating will be cancelled this year.”



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