National Confectioners Association backs US Halloween festivities

With Halloween around the corner, the US-based National Confectioners Association (NCA) has released figures that show sales of seasonal candy have increased 12% in the build-up to the key spooky seasonal celebration, writes Neill Barston

As the organisation noted, sweets revenues for the period have traditionally accounted for $4.6 billion in sales each year, with 2020 showing signs of optimism despite pandemic conditions that temporarily closed many retail outlets in the early phase of the coronavirus outbreak.

In our exclusive video with the NCA, we explore the sense of optimism about the celebrations, discuss major retail trends, as well as look ahead to the prospect for a new venue for the 2021 Sweets and Snacks Expo, to be staged in Indianapolis next June.

While approaches to celebrations for this year’s Halloween in the US have shown some variation due to differing state laws, health authorities in the country have offered key advice on socially distanced celebration this year amid the pandemic, which has hit America notably hard.

Despite such challenges, families appear determined to celebrate the season in a safe and responsible manner, with around 175 million people in the US traditionally marking the spooky season, with the NCA noting that 80% of the public and 90% of millennial parents saying they can’t imagine the Halloween period without chocolate and candy treats to brighten an extremely challenging year.

In response, companies have devised notable campaigns including Ferrero’s 31 Days of Halloween, and Mars Wrigley with its Treat Town digital app for virtual trick or treating having prompted a strong response from the public.

Speaking on the US prospects for Halloween, Carly Schildhaus, public affairs manager for the NCA, said: “Halloween is always our Superbowl. It’s a big moment for the chocolate and candy market, and that’s even more the case this year.

“Because it’s been such an unusual time, they are looking for a little bit of joy and normalcy as they look ahead to the winter. So we are excited to be able to be a part of that, help create some new traditions, and be able to safely spend time with friends and family.”



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