Baby Ruth named as US confectionery bar of the year

A major study of more than 40,000 US shoppers has named confectionery brand Baby Ruth as the 2020 candy bar product of the year.

Manufacturer Ferrero U.S.A., part of the Ferrero Group, welcomed the Kantar survey’s results, which it said cements the brand as a nationwide fan favourite.

The complete range of award winners were celebrated at a celebration event in New York, and adds to the company’s presence in the US confectionery market.

Ferrero first appeared in America in 1969 with Tic Tacs, extending its range to cover key brands including Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, Kinder and Fannie May chocolates.

As the newest innovation under the Baby Ruth brand, the chocolate bar has improved quality by replacing oil roasted peanuts with dry roasted peanuts, revamping the packaging, and removing TBHQ, a food preservative. In addition to its signature rich caramel and smooth nougat, the chocolate bar now has a higher ratio of U.S.-sourced peanuts, delivering an elevated flavor punch.  In tandem, Baby Ruth’s updated wrapping now includes packaging seals to help lock in freshness.

“With so much product innovation happening across the industry, we’re excited to be recognised as 2020 Product of the Year, and hear the overwhelmingly positive reaction from our fans,” said Silvia Borla, Vice President of Marketing, Ferrero Chocolate Brands, Ferrero North America. “The overall refresh perfectly exemplifies how we are creating exceptional quality products that answer consumer demand.”


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