Packaging firm helps to give a new look to England’s oldest biscuit

A supplier of packaging solutions has helped to bring a fresh look to one of the country’s oldest biscuits with the development of a new design for Grantham Gingerbread.

Encore Packaging Solutions, part of The Encore Group based in Durham, UK, was brought on board to create a rustic feel for England’s oldest commercially traded biscuit from Grantham, Lincolnshire-based artisan producer Hawkens Gingerbread.

In a collaboration between Hawkens and Encore, the supplier developed a premium packaging to match the luxury taste without losing the legacy of the traditional and much-loved biscuit recipe.

Chris Johns, business development manager of Encore Packaging Solutions said: “This was our first project with Hawkens and I’m pleased to say the company was impressed by the speed of response and the quality of the match to the colour requirement.

“Grantham is where gingerbread was first made and Hawkens is proud of its heritage, so we are delighted with the results. Encore Packaging has brought its skills and experience to the project and we believe the look for this fantastic product will support the growth in sales.”

The updated packaging and design give the biscuit a strong corporate identity within the artisan food arena, with Hawkens already looking at adding new products to its portfolio in the latest style and design.

Hawkens owner Alastair Hawken said: “We are very proud of the fact that we bake Grantham Gingerbread and that tradition is a part of everything we do. We have therefore transformed the packaging to reflect this, but it is the same great product inside.

“The new brand demonstrates the unique qualities of our gingerbread – our heritage along with the quality of our ingredients – with its rustic red and traditional feel, without losing its premium edge.”

The high-end packaging better highlights Hawkens’ capability to supply Grantham Gingerbread to restaurants, food stores, farm shops, delicatessens and retailers across the country. While retaining its proud Lincolnshire history, the rebrand is also a steer towards attracting more biscuit lovers beyond county boundaries.

As part of a brand extension, the gingerbread range will be developed, with plans to take the products nationwide, and will complement the online sales through Hawkens’ website.

Alastair added: “Grantham Gingerbread is no longer packaged just as a product of local interest. It’s a product we are promoting much further afield so that even more people can experience what we believe is the world’s tastiest gingerbread.”

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