Baker Perkins develops new starch-free confectionery system

Equipment manufacturer Baker Perkins has launched a new low volume starch-free confectionery production system.

As the company explained, it has been designed for flexible small batch production in the fast-growing nutraceutical and supplement markets, as well as standard sweets ranges.

The system comprises continuous cooking and starch-free depositing processes with a typical output of 60 kg/hr and piece weights ranging from 2g to 16g. It uses the same process and control technology as Baker Perkins’ well-established high-output ServoForm starch-free depositors.

The new system can produce a full range of sugar or sugar-free jellies and gummies, hard candy, lollipops, toffees, caramels and three dimensional products in one or two colours and with centre-fillings.

The ServoForm Mini depositor was launched as a stand-alone machine to bring the benefits of starch-free production to artisan confectioners making a wide variety of products in small batches.

Combining it with the Turbofilm continuous cooker has created a seamless system that brings these benefits to low-volume production of dietary supplements and functional products. Full PLC control incorporating process visualisation, recipe management and alarm handling provides complete process control.

The Baker Perkins Turbofilm is a compact and hygienic continuous cooker for gelatin, carrageenan and pectin-based gummies as well as hard candy. The self-contained skid-mounted system cooks and evaporates a sugar-based slurry to create base confectionery syrups. Colours, flavours and active ingredients are incorporated after cooking using a new, accurate in-line dosing and mixing system.

Solid moulds that can easily be cleaned, along with easy access to every part of the machine for cleaning, make the ServoForm Mini ideal for healthcare production environments. Low scrap rates, quick product changeovers, accurate deposit weights and continuous processing mean a rapid payback is assured.

Consumer preference for gummies rather than pills or capsules as the delivery mechanism for dietary supplements is increasing, particularly amongst millennials who see these products as functional foods rather than remedies.

However, the production process for anything that claims a health benefit is a level higher than many traditional food manufacturing processes. Often this includes adherence to the principles of GMP and being readily validated to FDA/EMEA standards.



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