Goodmills develops RutinX ancient grains for Barcelona’s Snackex

German-headquartered grain specialist GoodMills Innovation is due to deliver its latest product RutinX, tartary buckwheat, for the snacks segment at this year’s Snackex event held between 27-28 June in Barcelona.

The company will also showcase innovative whole grain flours: in contrast to conventional wholemeal flour, Snow Wheat, and Snow Spelt have been designed to offer an appealing light colour and mild taste. Solutions for gluten and soy-free snacks complement the portfolio.

RutinX is made from an ancient grain source, tartary buckwheat, and is available in the form of flour or crisps. With a dosage of only five per cent, it has been developed with the aim of transforming bread and bread rolls, savoury snacks, as well as dips and spreads, into superfoods.

The key factor for the functional properties of RutinX is said to be its high content of the secondary plant substance rutin and the trace element zinc. Zinc has been proven to promote carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, whereas rutin has an antioxidant effect and is thought to reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels, especially in Asian medicine.

GoodMills Innovation has succeeded in reducing the bitter compounds of rutin in a patented process while preserving its valuable nutrients.  Snow Wheat and Snow Spelt have been devised as bases for wholemeal nibbles, as they make an important contribution to intestinal health thanks to their high level of dietary fibre, and also promise desirable sensory properties.

For these innovative flours, the Hamburg-based company uses particularly light grain varieties whose whole kernel is ground and refined in a multi-stage process. This not only leads to improved bioavailability of polyphenols and minerals, but also reduces the bitter taste and rough texture typical of whole grains. Products based on Snow Wheat and Snow Spelt are characterised by a light colour, pleasant mouthfeel and mild taste.

Visitors to the company’s booth at Snackex can also find out about the Snackmaxx range of Masa flours at the booth: These are ideal for tortilla chips and taco shells. Thanks to modern dry grinding, the dough can be easily processed and does not stick to the machines. Homogeneous particle distribution and uniform viscosity also ensure consistent dough quality

Meanwhile, with YePea, GoodMills Innovation has an ingredient in its portfolio that can be used as a texturiser and substitute for soy grist in small pastries, for example. The toasted groats from the Yellow Pea have a pleasing nutty taste, and are guaranteed GMO-free and of European origin.

With a comparatively high amount of complex carbohydrates and proteins, and low fat content, YePea has been devised for the health and well-being segment.

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