G Bruce and Co introduces gluten-free seeds for snacks and bakery

Bulk ingredients business G Bruce & Co has introduced a new range of gluten-free seeds developed to boost food processors’ capability to produce nutritionally rich products, including snacks and baked goods.

The product range, which include sesame, millet, pumpkin, linseed, poppy, chia, quinoa, sunflower, nigella, caraway, teff and buckwheat, are available in organic or standard form.

As the seeds are produced and packed in a nut free and gluten-free environment, G Bruce & Co, which is a division of Brusco Food Group, guarantees gluten-free status for its seeds, along with complete supply chain integrity. The seeds can also be supplied steamed and roasted along with custom mixes.

Seeds have become a popular way for food manufacturers to add gluten-free health benefits and interest to new product ranges and are a perfect choice for revamping a recipe to cater for fashionable eating trends or to add different textures. When used as an additional ingredient, they provide a powerful boost to the nutritional profile of the original product as well as offering exciting flavours and mouthfeel.

As food companies tap into the health and wellbeing markets, seeds are an ideal choice for health market innovation across a range of applications such as breads, cakes, cereal bars, smoothies and cereals. They make an ideal ingredient for turning basic salads, hummus and pies into something out of the ordinary. Seeds could provide an interesting twist to vegan dishes, ready meals such as curries, lentil or root vegetable dishes and could easily be incorporated into innovative burger recipes.

Many seeds have been classed as ‘superfoods’ because of their excellent nutritional profile. Most are naturally high in fibre and protein, and many contain high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids which play an important role in maintaining cholesterol levels and heart health.

Chia seeds, for example, contain 8 times more Omega-3 than salmon; while quinoa is rich in B vitamins and is one of the few plant foods that contain all nine essential amino acids. Linseed, one of the oldest known crops, is a natural source of energy, high in protein and iron, rich in fibre and contains many essential vitamins and minerals.

Managing Director of G Bruce & Co, Andrew Ashby, said: “Brusco Food Group is always finding innovative ways to work with food processors and caterers to produce new ranges that will meet consumer demand for variety in taste and texture. Our nut-free and gluten-free seeds are a perfect opportunity for manufacturers to develop healthier products. Seeds offer a powerhouse of nutrients designed to optimise wellbeing and can really add so much interest to multiple foodstuffs.

“We have worked hard to secure a reliable, guaranteed nut and gluten-free supply chain and can deliver bulk quantities of any of our seeds ranging from pallet loads to container loads. Demand is looking strong and we envisage no disruption to our supplies post-Brexit no matter what the outcome of current negotiations.”

G Bruce & Co has been supplying retailers, wholesalers, caterers and food processors with a wide range of bulk ingredients since 1995. The company, a BRC certified agent, works with accredited manufacturers across the globe in order to provide the food industry with a highly reliable supply chain of quality products.

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