Premium filling fats from Cargill

To help bakery and confectionery producers solve major challenges such as consumer expectations of clean labelling, nutrition profiling and sustainable manufacturing, Cargill has launched CremoFlex, its latest range of premium filling fats across Europe.

CremoFlex filling fats can be tailored to suit different specific formulation needs, including the use of RSPO certified palm solutions, and can be used in applications like filled biscuits and sandwich cookies, wafers, filled chocolate tablets and pralines.

Stefan Lehner, senior key account manager for Cargill’s edible oils business in Europe said: “The CremoFlex product range helps customers optimise production processes without negatively impacting the quality, taste and appearance of their products, in particular mouthfeel and melting profiles, while at the same time maintaining the brand loyalty of their consumers.”

Depending on customers wishes, the CremoFlex range now offers the ability to develop indulgent products with lowered saturated fatty acid (SAFA) by comparison to conventional solutions, and provides clean label non-hydrogenated products. The new CremoFlex range will initially consist of three products:

  • CremoFlex S: Due to the specific crystal form of these fats, it gives a clean and cool melting with SAFA levels varying from 50%-65%.
  • CremoFlex F: This product is bloom retarding in chocolate applications due to its unique distribution of triglycerides. By using the correct combination with other vegetable oils and specific processing technologies it gives excellent sensory and physical properties.
  • CremoFlex L: The combination of non-lauric base stocks with modern processing creates stable textures during shelf life. Its SAFA levels vary from 35% to 55% compared to traditional filling fats, providing the possibility to create new products with reduced SAFA levels.

On Tuesday 2 April, Cargill will host an open webinar on CremoFlex and filling fats trends. Go to Cargill for more information on CremoFlex and to subscribe for this seminar.

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