OAL uses artificial intelligence for its latest datecode equipment

Food technology business, OAL, has launched what it believes is a global first artificial intelligence-based vision system, April Eye, for automatic date code verification for uses in all food sectors including confectionery.

April Eye combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to achieve full automation of the date verification process, removing the need for a human operator.

This reduces the risk of product recalls and emergency product withdrawals (EPWs) caused by human error on packaging lines, mistakes which cost food manufacturers £60-80 million a year in wasted products.

By taking photos of each date code, the system can read them back using scanners to ensure they match the programmed date code for that product run.

Running at speeds of over 300 packs a minute, throughput is increased without compromising product safety. The production line comes to a complete stop if a date code doesn’t match, ensuring that no incorrect labels can be released into the supply chain, protecting consumers, margins and brands.

Wayne Johnson, OAL connected director, said: “Having experienced the pain of EPWs and product recalls first-hand, I was determined to develop a product that would offer food and beverage manufacturers a bullet-proof solution to avoid problems linked to label and date code verification. We’ve completely turned vision systems on their head, allowing manufacturers to move to unmanned production, improve traceability and reduce costs across the board. April Eye gives them the security they need to do this as it really is a fail-safe solution.”

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