Indian expert establishes Kocoatrait sustainable chocolate business

Indian-based chocolate expert L Nitin Chordia has launched what is believed to be the country’s first sustainable sourcing bean-to-bar chocolate brands, known as Kocoatrait. Neill Barston reports.


Seeking to set the standard for ethically-sourced chocolate in the growing Indian market is a challenge that L Nitin Chordia is clearly relishing.

The┬ábusiness has aimed to set itself apart through using alternatives to plastic packaging – with wrapping being made of reclaimed cotton along with cocoa husks.

In addition, the company uses organic Indian cocoa beans and non-refined organic sugar, with an initial range consisting of 15 varieties being developed for the business.

These include a range of natural paired flavours such as lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, Masala, Chai, coffee, coconut milk and cinnamons, which are available in 64%-91% dark options.

L Nitin Chordia, founder of the company, who is a certified chocolate taster and judge at the International Chocolate Awards, said: “While operating Cocoashala, which is a Bean to bar chocolate certification institute based in Chennai India, we realised that for the Bean to bar movement to propel in India over the next few years we have to set the right examples for people to get inspired and emulate these ideas.

“The brand is aimed towards sustainability and ethical responsibility. We plan to make our chocolates available at most sustainable product stores in India. Interestingly we have been receiving enquiries from across the world showing interest to stock our products.

“We have infused many truly Indian flavours and also international flavours with an aim to demonstrate to people that a responsible and sustainable Bean to bar chocolate brand can also be worth all the hype when finally being tasted and consumed. Moreover we use only natural ingredients for flavouring. And we do not use emulsifiers.”

He added that wrapping is entirely plastic and paper free and the printing is carried out in Chennai, which he said that he hoped would ‘set an example in sustainability and ethical responsibility,’ which could be emulated by other businesses in India.


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