Football world cup confectionery gets its game on

With a potential global audience of billions, the football World cup in Russia has offered a host of promotional opportunities – and confectionery is no exception from that rule.

Manufacturers have responded with a host of novel products that will ensure that one of the most popular sporting tournaments in the world proves a sweet success.

With the opening weekend offering some surprise results, analysts are expecting the tournament will provide a summer sales boost across the food and drink sector, including the confectionery segment.

Among the major brands to take the plunge into special limited edition ranges is Nestle, which has produced a special series of its renowned Smarties just for Germany.


The company has produced the chocolate chips in the country’s red, yellow and black colours, designed in support of the present World Cup holders.

They have been made available in multi-packs containing 38g tubes, as well as a giant 130g tube, in addition to a multi-pack of four hollow chocolate figures.

As England prepare to mount their campaign this evening against Tunisia (Monday June 18th), a number of enterprising companies have offered confectionery items to help consumers get behind their team.

This includes UK business The Sweet People, which has for more than two decades specialised in providing promotional branded confectionery for major events.

To mark the World Cup in Russia this month, the company has produced a large pouch of foil wrapped chocolate footballs.

Another British business producing a similar series is Triad, which has released a bag of chocolate footballs, and an ‘I love England’ chocolate goody bag.

For its part, New Vision Packaging received a brief from Cadbury World for cartooning for the chocolate manufacturer’s 1.5kg chocolate football which has been designed for 2018’s World Cup.


To ensure the chocolate can be carried away safely and securely, the packaging firm devised two vac form plinths to help protect the football from any breakages. The plinths enable customers to carry the football safely from the Cadbury World shop all the way home.

The material selection for this pack had to be a cartonboard in a high micron, to be able to carry the football. So, a carrier board was used for this box with a high tear-resistance.

As the company explained, the football carton was brought to life by the six colour artwork and leaves the pack looking game ready with the three large windows.

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