Spain to gain its first organic produce trade event

Plans are being put in place to launch Organic Food Iberia, which is believed to be the first international trade event of its kind for the sector within Spain.

According to its organisers, Diversified Communications, the industry showcase set to be held between June 6-7 2019, has been developed in response to feedback from a number of leading producers in the region as the market for more natural produce continues to rise.

Significantly, there have been an increasing number of organic confectionery and bakery ranges emerging in recent years, which have had a notable impact upon the industry.

This includes organic chocolate bar ranges, as well as products featuring fruit flavouring, which has been consistently highlighted as one of the major trends within confectionery.

Francisco Javier Maté, sub director general – differentiated quality and organic agriculture at Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, said: “Having a professional fair in Spain specifically for organic agrifood products is one of the actions included in the National Strategy of Ecological Production 2018-2020, prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture.  For this reason, we are pleased that it will launch in 2019.  By holding the fair in Madrid, it will bring together producers from across the Iberian Peninsula, with all its great diversity and potential.”

Meanwhile, Álvaro Barrera, president of the Organic Value Association, CAAE (Ecovalia), added that it was time for Spain to have a dedicated meeting point between production, industry and marketing that reflects the growing increase in organic consumption.

Fernando P. Gómez Molina, managing director of ProExport Murcia Fepex, added: “We have noted with interest the commitment that Diversified has shown to organise a fair in Madrid to promote our organic foods and attract buyers and professionals from around the world.  We have detected a growing confidence in the European food distribution market towards the producers of organic fruits and vegetables in Spain, as we have always had in conventional production.  We can say that Organic Food Iberia has arrived at exactly the right time.”

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