UK Plastics Pact set to target packaging waste

Major businesses operating in the confectionery sector including Nestlé have signed up to be part of the UK Plastics Pact aimed at drastically reducing packaging waste.

A total of 42 British companies have signed up to the initiative from sustainability group Wrap, which draws together the business community, government and leading NGOs.

Its four key goals by 2025 include 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable, and 70% of packaging being effectively recycled or composted.

According to UK government figures, in 2016 a total of 71% of packaging waste was either recycled or recovered, which exceeds the EU target of 60%. This contrasted with domestic household waste recycling rates, which were less success at 44%.

Nestle will join with the other members of the pact to share commitments all with the ambition of reducing the impact of plastic waste around the world.

Those featuring as having signed up to the pact include Greiner Packaging, which works across the food sector, including joint venture projects within the confectionery industry.

The initiative has won the support of the Food and Drink Federation, the British Plastics Federation, as well as major retailers such as Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

Stefano Agostini, CEO of Nestlé UK and Ireland, said: “We are proud to be founding members of the UK Plastics Pact and believe it clearly demonstrates how seriously Nestlé take our responsibility to make a difference on this issue. There needs to be action taken and we believe we will achieve real results if we work together, across the full supply chain, to improve the recyclability of plastic in the UK. That’s why this pact will be so valuable.”

Speaking in support of the initiative, Philip Woolsey, CEO of Greiner Packaging UK, believed it would prove a significant move to improve environmental performance within the sector.

He said: “We are proud to be one of the first companies to be part of the UK Plastics Pact. By joining, we want to show that sustainability is an important issue for us and we take it seriously and take it into account in the entire value-added chain.”

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