Tangerine group signs eco-friendly distribution deal

UK-based confectionery group Tangerine has signed a renewed agreement with Pooling Partners, a manufacturer of sustainable wooden pallets, to significantly enhance the company’s distribution capabilities.

The confectionery business, which is behind brands such as Sherbet Fountains, Dip Dab, Black Jack, Fruit Salad, Flumps and Refreshers, has agreed the move which will see tens of millions of products from its five factories to retail channels including grocery, wholesalers and cash and carry outlets, discounters, forecourts and broader-reaching independent outlets.

Pooling Partners has built a collaborative relationship over the last decade, partnering with Tangerine since 2008, just two years after the confectionery giant was founded in Blackpool.

“We have just come out of one of the busiest Christmas periods on record, but there is no let up for our business,” said Stephen Webster, Tangerine’s head of supply planning and logistics.

“Because we embrace the lean philosophy in our production and supply chain, we are forensic about how we drive up quality and efficiency and eliminate waste from our process, which helps us to improve our offering to consumers.

“Pooling Partners is a long-term partner and key to that collaborative approach with our customers, all of which helps us to achieve our goals. They form part of the lean process that is a transformational driver to improve the way we work and used in all areas of the business.”

Phil Storer, UK and Ireland director for Pooling Partners, said: “Tangerine is one of those brands that triggers a sense of nostalgia while at the same time reminding us all of its 21st century state-of-the-art approach to manufacturing and distributing its fantastic retro confectionery.

“Its lean process fits in with our economic model in the circular economy that ensures that we remove waste in terms of reduced mileage and empty running from the supply chain and that deliveries are as sweet as their wide product offering.”

Tangerine distributes products across the UK as well as territories including Australia, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

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