Whitakers gains sustainability certifications

UK chocolate company Whitakers Chocolates is now certified to manufacture chocolate approved by the Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and sustainable farming programme UTZ, a move it says will broaden its opportunities in international markets.

It is hoped the move will allow Whitakers Chocolates to compete in a market which is becoming increasingly focused on meeting the ethical demands of the chocolate industry and its end-users, as well as increase its opportunities in international markets.

Ian Webster, sales manager for Whitakers Chocolates, explains, “This is an incredibly important milestone for the company. We identified the rising demand for ethically produced chocolate some time ago and we have worked hard to meet the stringent requirements set.

“We can now provide a more extensive range for our multiple retailer customers specifically for their branded products as well as under the Whitakers brand. We’re also developing our export business and these accreditations will broaden our opportunities in international markets.”

Rainforest Alliance uses environmental regulations to minimise the impact of farming on the natural world, while Fairtrade works towards ending the exploitation of cocoa farms by ensuring a fair minimum buying price.

UTZ  is the largest programme for sustainable farming of coffee and cocoa in the world and educates farmers on improving crop yield, good farm management and using more efficient farming techniques and practices.

Whitakers Chocolates supplies 10 million chocolates a week to hotels, restaurants and retailers across the world, from its headquarters in Skipton, UK.

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