Bayn unveils cloud-based platform for sugar reduction

Bayn Europe AB has announced the development of a new cloud-based platform to boost food producers’ research and development and accelerate market entry of sugar reduction. An initial prototype of SugarReduced has been developed and a launch plan is scheduled for 2020.

The platform consists of functions of data, lab simulation software and e-commerce on a cloud platform, it was designed to connect product developers, marketers, purchasers and stakeholders within the food and beverage industry.

It is hoped that the platform will provide a one-stop shop for sugar reduction with evidence data and a simulation programme to reduce the R&D and market launch process.

The platform will also serve as an information hub for the public. The overlying aim is to deal with the global health issues caused by excessive sugar consumption.

Lucy Dahlgren, founder and CEO of Bayn Europe AB, says, “In addition to our sales of ingredient Navia and sugar replacer solution Eureba, Bayn develops this cloud platform to broaden our offering and strengthen our competitive advantages, increase the number of sales channels and boost revenue generation.

“We are engaged in discussions with several leading IT companies both in Europe and China, to evaluate this business idea, and we have submitted an application to a EU commission call for innovation fund for this project development.”

Bayn Europe is an independent formulation developer of healthy sugar reduction solutions for the food and beverage industry. According to the company, Bayn’s solutions focus on taste, texture and cost-in-use. The company’s product portfolio contains ingredients and sugar replacers for food and beverage applications.

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