IOI to launch ‘breakthrough’ in healthier filled chocolate

IOI Loders Croklaan Europe is to launch a chocolate filling fat that reduces saturated fatty acid (SAFA) content by 30%, while maintaining texture stability and a cool-melting effect, later this month.

Creamelt 600 LS, which the company describes as a breakthrough in healthier filled chocolate, is a non-hydrogenated low-saturated fat for premium confectionery fillings. With a SAFA level of 37%, Creamelt delivers 30% saturated fatty acid reduction compared to a regular confectionery filling fat, according to IOI Loders Croklaan Europe. It preserves the stable structure without de-oiling and prevents bloom formation due to its superior crystal network. It also contributes to the advanced cooling sensation identified with premium confectionery products and previously unattainable in chocolate fillings with such a low saturated-fat content.

“Consumers seek healthier confectionery products without compromising on indulgence,” says Pedro Leal, sales director for Europe at IOI Loders Croklaan. “Creamelt 600 LS helps the confectionery industry reduce the saturated fat content of its products while maintaining full flavour and texture.”

Leal adds, “Creamelt 600 LS is the result of extensive research into the right blend of vegetable oils that enable the reduction of saturated fat while maintaining a stable texture throughout product shelf life.

“Current low-SAFA products do not meet the requirements for confectionery applications in terms of firmness, stability and shelf life. Creamelt 600 LS not only meets these requirements, it also exceeds expectations in flavour release and has exceptional cooling. This makes it an ideal premium filling fat for producers targeting the confectionery market’s high-quality segment.”

The company will introduce the ingredient at Fi Europe 2017, which takes place at Messe Frankfurt from 28-30 November.

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