ADM develops citrus cake mixes

ADM Milling has added two seasonal limited edition cake mixes, Zesty Lemon and Zesty Orange to its Bakery Mix portfolio.

According to the company, the mixes, which contain fresh fruit pieces, require only water to be added, enabling bakers to quickly and easily expand their product lines.

Bakers can achieve popular cake flavour combinations, such as ginger and lemon, chocolate and orange, as well as fruit loaves containing spices, walnuts and raisins. The mixes can be combined with nuts, spices or cocoa for added flavour.

Peter Hayes, national sales manager, Bakery at ADM, says, “ADM Milling’s Zesty Premixes help bakers to meet demands for seasonal favourites and limited edition products, satisfying the cravings of sweet-toothed shoppers.”

The new cake mixes can be used in combination with ADM’s vanilla fudge icing with the addition of lemon essence, for a creamy topping to create high-end applications, such as cupcakes.

For a marble cake with a twist, the orange batter can also be blended together with ADM’s chocolate fudge cake mix.

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