Bright yellow colour breakthrough for confectionery

Food colourings business Roha has launched Natracol Bright Yellow, a water-dispersible curcumin liquid that is said to impart an intense bright yellow shade in confectionery applications.

Describing it as “another game changer in the natural colour segment”, the company says it is highly stable to extended exposure to light – more than standard emulsions. The ingredients used in Natracol Bright Yellow make it compatible with food applications and ideal for panned candies and confectioneries.

With its medicinal properties, curcumin has always tantalised the edibles colouring industry as the best source of yellow, according to Roha. But harnessing its yellow for food applications has proved elusive to researchers. Although stable at temperatures used in food processing, curcumin is light sensitive and reluctantly soluble in water.

To tackle these challenges, scientists at Roha have developed a solution that disperses readily in water and highly stable to extended exposure to light – more than standard emulsions. There is also no change in shade, intensity and brightness of colour with change of pH, and Natracol Bright Yellow keeps its intense and bright shade when applied to coatings. It is palm free and polysorbate-80 free.

Speaking about the launch, Roha managing director Brijesh Tibrewala, says, “We hope it will brighten up the palettes of confectioners and tickle the palates of food lovers across the globe.”

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