New fat replacers for confectioners

Clean label ingredient specialist Ulrick & Short has introduced a new range of fat replacers for confectioners looking to make their products healthier without compromising on taste.

Its Delyte fat reducers and replacers are suitable as substitute ingredients for the majority of fats, including butter, oil and milk solids, while also enhancing the formulation with increased body and texture.

Aside from the benefits of reduced fat and calories, the company says these starches can be used to co-texturise in their own right thanks to their innate stability.

Ulrick & Short has completed extensive product tests to ensure the Delyte fat replacer range can work effectively with confectionery fillings and decorations. As such, the fat content in processed creams can be reduced by up to a third, with no impact of taste or texture, the company claims.

As well as supporting overall label simplification, Delyte offers hot, cold and frozen process tolerance and is allergen-free.

Director Adrian Short, said, “With all the publicity throughout Europe around the obesity crisis, confectionery has become an easy target and manufacturers are reacting accordingly.

“Some are creating new lines under a ‘thin’ or ‘better for you’ brand or theme, but a number of market-leading sweet companies are still suffering from significantly reduced profit expectations – not surprising considering the all-consuming focus on both fat and sugar.”

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