Magic Candy Factory 3D printer to launch in US

UK based Katjes Magic Candy Factory is teaming up with major confectionary emporium Dylan’s Candy Bar to launch its 3D printer for gummy candy to the US market.

As part of global expansion plans, the Magic Candy Factory will be introduced into Dylan’s Candy Bar’s four flagship locations in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami, culminating in a nationwide online launch at the beginning of June.

Magic Candy Factory 3D fruit gummies are currently available at the Katjes Café Grün-Ohr in Berlin as well as at Candylicious in Dubai Mall and Dublin Airport Terminal 1. Starting June, they will also be available online throughout Europe, Mexico and Canada.

It takes the Magic Candy Factory about three to five minutes to print a candy weighing between 15-20 grams. This compares to prototypes in other sectors that can take almost an hour to do the same.

Magic Candy Factory products are vegan, gluten and dairy free. They are made without gelatine and with all natural fruit and vegetable extracts.

There are more than 100 different designs to choose from in eight colour and flavour combinations and a fizzy, glitter or sour finish.

The Magic Candy Factory is based on FDM (fused deposition modeling) whereby a mixture of natural vegan ingredients is heated up and then applied using a nozzle to produce the different shapes and choice of combinations.

With the help of 3D modelling software, the shapes were developed by the Katjes UK team and turned into G-code instructions that tell the printer where, at what speed and what frequency it needs to apply each of the layers.

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