Functional ice cream from Cognis

The ingredient company Cognis has presented several new concepts to Vitafoods visitors in Geneva.

Among them are orange ice cream with Xangold natural lutein esters for sun protection amd a Latte macchiato ice cream with omega-3 fatty acids.

The sun protecting orange-flavored ice cream is formulated with new Xangold 4% natural lutein esters, a water dispersible powder that is ideal for quick blending into food and beverage formulations. The benefits of lutein for eye health are well established, but there’s also compelling scientific research to support its role in safeguarding the skin. Products containing Xangold are allowed a natural label claim since the lutein esters are obtained from marigold flowers using a mild extraction process.

The latte macchiato ice cream is formulated with Omevital 1812 MP Gold, marine omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. The micro-encapsulated omega-3 fatty acids powder, which works particularly well in dairy applications as well as in dry food formulations, is companion to the company’s highly successful, top quality.

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