Natural alternative to phosphates

British clean label specialist Ulrick and Short has announced that it will be working with a new ingredient this year, a highly versatile fibre extracted from bamboo shoots.

The fibres will provide a natural alternative to phosphates, and in conjunction with clean label starches can extend the shelf life of baked goods. In addition, the fibres are capable of providing a softer dough product or more robust baked snack depending on the formulation and production process, and can be used to create a drier and crispier coating on products such as nuggets and coated potato products.

Jon Arzberger, fibres specialist at Ulrick & Short, explains: “Manufacturers focused on reducing or even avoiding allergens face a challenge when it comes to new product development. This is where a bamboo based fibre comes in. It’s extracted from the plant’s shoots rather than the cane, so it’s a very unusual solution, but invaluable to food processing facilities that don’t use wheat products. It’s especially useful for the gluten-free market which is growing at a consistent rate thanks to both lifestyle and medical demand.”


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