The cream of the confectionery crop

Taking a holiday is something that’s of real importance to us all just to recharge batteries and gain some fresh perspective on events.

But working within the confectionery and bakery sectors, it just so happens that reminders of work are to be seen everywhere in plentiful supply.

This past week was no exception, with my main personal break for the year in Jersey, which is famed for the quality of its agricultural produce.

Perhaps key among its gems are some especially fine chocolates that have been enhanced with milk from the island’s herd of 4,000 prized dairy cows.

From the example pictured, it seems every last store in this little haven has some tasty treats that require considerable willpower to walk on by from.

I found the same appeared to be true of Jersey’s smaller neighbour, Guernsey, which is equally renowned for its dairy industry, which has contributed to the Channel Islands’ thriving range of confectionery offerings.

In a wider context, the global market that requires manufacturers to be ever-more inventive about how they market their ranges, it seems consumers are increasingly conscious about the provenance of their foods.

This clearly extends to confectionery too, so it’s perhaps little wonder that these intriguing islands have made the most of their respective branding, which has resulted in over a million tourists a year flocking there from around the world.

The success of local industries in such locations proves you don’t necessarily have to be the biggest place or corporation in world to gain a valuable slice of the market. Here’s hoping you all have the chance to enjoy a break yourselves this summer.

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