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It is both interesting and relevant for anyone who works in the confectionery sector to know and understand at least some of what is happening in different confectionery markets.

We regularly take a more in depth look at what is happening in various parts of the world in the magazine, so here is a summary of an analysis of the market in the Czech Republic produced by Leatherhead Food Research, which will appear in a future issue.

The analysis revealed that further to the affects of the global economic downturn, sales of confectionery in the Czech Republic are now recovering. Household consumption and grocery expenditure levels contracted sharply between 2009 and 2012, although the situation is now looking a lot more positive, with consumer spending and investment levels both increasing, and further economic growth forecast for the coming years.

Confectionery remains popular with large segments of the population, with growth being driven by the premium end of the market and it represents a major producer of both chocolate and sugar confectionery, although large quantities are exported, mainly to other parts of Europe. The country also ranks as a major importer of many forms of confectionery.

Overall, the Czech chocolate market is dominated by chocolate bars and countlines, which together account for up to 40 per cent of overall volume sales. In the sugar confectionery market, boiled sweets, toffees and caramels account for 40 per cent of volume sales, while gums and jellies account for an additional 35 per cent of market volume, ahead of chewy sweets (15 per cent).

Find a full report on the confectionery market in the Czech Republic in a future issue of Confectionery Production.

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