Box company targets sustainability

North West box manufacturer eCorrugated has launched its first sustainability charter to sum up its pioneering commitment to greener business practices.

The firm has innovated with the use of new materials to create lighter, thinner packaging as well as reducing its use of virgin Kraft.

eCorrugated believes the charter will help underline its key points of difference to customers as well as lay down examples of best practice that other manufacturers could follow.

Paul Lavelle, director of eCorrugated said: “Although we’re a relatively young business, we believe this has given us the advantage of being able to adopt new ideas, techniques and machinery that have allowed us to create a more sustainable business model.

“The charter clarifies these points to help clients better understand what makes us different, but also what questions the industry as a whole should be asking itself.

“Being greener isn’t just the responsible thing to do, it’s the profitable thing to do. Reducing unnecessary usage of materials and transportation costs, which amount to huge sums of money over the course of the year.”

eCorrugated’s sustainability charter includes key points:
always locate the point of production as close as possible to where the raw materials are being produced
always use the most appropriate performance board – ideally the lightest – thus reducing materials used and increasing the amount of product contained in a single load
wherever possible use board produced from 100% recycled material
help clients develop specifications that will minimise wastage and transportation costs
use up-to-date, energy efficient machinery to reduce energy consumed during production.

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