Roquette continues to support Toothfriendly International

1 August 2011 – The publication of EFSA’s fifth batch of scientific opinions on generic health claims has revealed a favourable response to the Toothfriendly logo and claim. The news has delighted the Roquette Group. Indeed, Roquette has supported the activities and scientific work of the non-profit Swiss Toothfriendly International association since it was founded in 1989.

Today, only the pH telemetry test – developed by the Dental Institute of Zurich at the beginning of the 1980s – makes it possible to identify non-cariogenic foods products in vivo and hence to generate permission to apply the organisation’s Toothfriendly (Happy Tooth) symbol.

This is what EFSA has just confirmed with the publication of the fifth batch of opinions regarding health claim submissions under Article 13.1.

Clearly, This amounts to an important scientific acknowledgement for Toothfriendly International, as well as for Roquette – historic support for the association.

"At Toothfriendly International, it’s good to know that, with companies like Roquette, we have partners who understand that improving consumer health, in our case dental health, must be based on solid science and needs a long term engagement for achieving demonstrable results. Whilst European consumers are increasingly aware of the health implications of their eating habits, this is not yet the case in many less developed countries. It is therefore important that use of the logo and the claim of ‘Toothfriendly’ can continue in Europe – because European food labels become increasingly a model for other countries where the protection of consumers against misleading advertising only starts to become a matter of concern. Roquette’s long term thinking, its world wide presence and its understanding of cultural differences are an enormous help to us in making the ‘Toothfriendly’ logo available as a symbol for dentally safe confectionery in countries where dental caries still predominate," comments Dr Albert BÄR, director Toothfriendly International

Indeed, the Roquette Group participated in the founding of the association – more than 20 years ago – and has continually supported its aims. Educational dental caries prevention programmes in various European countries and the lobbying of the authorities to obtain scientific and statutory recognition: are among the numerous campaigns that have had the support of Roquette to help develop global bucco-dental health. EFSA’s recognition is not the first. For example, in 1996, the pH telemetry test was deemed the reference test by the FDA (the USA’s Food and Drug Administration) in the context of health claims (21 CRF§ 101.80). Toothfriendly International and the companies that support it are rolling out their campaigns in emerging countries like China, Thailand and, shortly, India. The primary objective is still to raise consumer awareness of bucco-dental hygiene and to offer them the opportunity to consume non cariogenic products.

"For more than 40 years, Roquette has been involved in the fields of nutrition and health. Bucco-dental health is one of its priorities. Roquette shares the tenets and scientific principles of Toothfriendly International. Roquette polyols, such as its maltitol SweetPearl, satisfy the organisation’s scientific approval criteria because they do not reduce the pH of dental plaque below 5.7 while they are being eaten and for 30 minutes afterwards," stresses Marie-Hélène SANIEZ, group nutrition director, Roquette

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