Sparkling summer of cacao ingredient success for Cabosse Naturals

Cabosse Naturals, the Barry Callebaut-linked cacao upycling venture, has reported a strong demand for an expanded range of products, including a 70% upturn in alcoholic beverages, writes Neill Barston.

Confectionery Production attended the initial emergence of the series back in 2019, when it was unveiled in its emerging form at the launch of the global Swiss-based manufacturer’s release of its Wholefruit Chocolate, with its environmental credential among its core selling points.

As the business noted, development of the Cabosse series comes in response to the environmental issue of more than 30% of food being wasted – which was true of the cacao pod pulp itself which form the key ingredient for the series – which had typically been discarded in conventional farming methods.

But as Cabosse has found, the ingredient series has enjoyed a rise in interest, and has, as previously reported, also been developed in powder form, which can acts as a sugar replacement in a number of confectionery ranges. These have grown in popularity as consumers have placed an increasing value on naturally sourced ingredients.

As the company noted, its initial introduction of the 100% pure cacaofruit ingredients was back in 2019, which led to numerous product introductions by brands and awards for its taste experience and sustainability.

Among the upcoming drinks with cacaofruit in the beverage segment are mocktails, alongside beers with cacaofruit and even wine and spritzers that hit the shelves at the end of last year and the beginning of 2024.

By using Cabosse Naturals’ upcycled cacaofruit ingredients in their applications, artisans and brands can apply for an Upcycled Certified mark on packaging—the world’s first mark certifying upcycled food in products, enabling consumers to make impact-informed purchases and help prevent food waste.

William Angleys, Global Business Development Director Innovation at Barry Callebaut, overseeing Cabosse Naturals’ cacaofruit range promotion and development, states: “Millennials and Gen Z are on the lookout for new taste experiences, while becoming increasingly mindful about what they choose to indulge in. They seek healthier and well-being options that are also delicious, which is exactly what the cacaofruit delivers. With cacaofruit ingredients, artisans can come up with new drinks and can infuse classics with a delicious cacaofruit twist.”

As the company concluded, cacaofruit offers a refreshing alternative to mixed drinks and its classics that have been around for decades. Mixologists can give a zesty flavour adding a burst of freshness.

Each type of cacaofruit ingredient complements the drinks in various ways. The surrounding pulp of the cacaofruit has a pleasant zesty and fruity flavour and brings a uniquely refreshing taste. As for the product’s concentrate, it adds an intense fruity sweetness and the juice has a very fruity, zesty aroma and flavor. Ideal to bring an exotic taste.



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