Latest H!P oat milk release features trio of key flavours

British-based oat m!lk chocolate, H!P (Happiness !n Plants), has unveiled new plant-based share pouches, launching a trio of new bite-sized varieties including Caramel Crunch Peanuts, Peanut Butter Truffle Bites and Creamy & Smooth Buttons, writes Neill Barston.

The brand has gained strong market traction since being set up several years ago as an extension of the Love Cocoa business founded by James Cadbury, great-great-great grandson of John Cadbury, and the extension of the series mirrors a broader growth within the segment.

As previously reported by Confectionery Production, the company is shortly to set about creating its first retail stores in the UK, following notable multi-million investment to help fund the next level of the company’s development.

In terms of its H!P series, these are designed to be sustainably produced (H!P’s carbon footprint is over 50% lower than chocolate made with cow’s milk) and created in striking home-recyclable packaging. According to the company, the new pouches are aimed at increasing choice for consumers looking for dairy-free chocolate snacking options and are available via initially, and will roll into Selfridges and Whole Foods later this month.

H!P Caramel Crunch Peanuts are price at – RSP £3.00 /90g pouch – Crunchy peanuts in a sweet and caramel oat m!lk chocolate shell, with Peanut Butter Truffle Bites – RSP £3.50 /80g pouch – Delicious bite-size oat m!lk chocolate truffles with a creamy peanut butter filling, and  Creamy & Smooth Chocolate Buttons – RSP £3.00 /90g pouch – H!P’s original creamy and smooth oat m!lk chocolate in button form.

As the company noted, the brand has gained a following with younger Gen Zers and millennials, H!P offers a deliciously creamy oat-based alternative to milk chocolate that’s handmade, blending sustainably sourced single origin Colombian cocoa with creamy oat m!lk. The brand is known for its signature contemporary designs and eco-friendly packaging.

Commenting on the release, James Cadbury, said: “Introducing these sharing pouches gives vegans and flexitarians greater choice when it comes to their dairy-free chocolate snacking. We believe they’ll be a huge hit with H!P fans up and down the country, as well as attracting new followers to the brand. Our success is testament to the enduring popularity of oat milk, which we believe not only tastes as good as traditional dairy milk, but is also far more sustainable to produce.”

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