Luker Chocolate expands gaining key stake in Slovakia’s Lyra confectionery group

Colombian Chocolate Manufacturer, Luker Chocolate, has confirmed a move to gain a controlling stake in Slovakian confectionery business, the Lyra Group, reports Neill Barston.

As the company affirmed, the  partnership will strengthen Luker’s product capabilities and increase flexibility in logistics for its European customers.

Notably, Luker has stated that all of its ingredient products will continue to be sourced and crafted at origin, with the business having gained a century of experience producing drinking chocolate, before expanding gradually into the chocolate market, and gaining a strong foothold globally with its export interests.

Consequently,  Lyra’s innovation in premium chocolate products expands Luker’s offer, with access to European market expertise and high-quality European ingredients. The new partnership also enhances Luker’s supply chain, making it easier for European customers to source Luker’s premium quality cocoa and product offerings.

The partnership also brings Luker the opportunity to expand its export reach – growing from its existing 40 plus country base to include exciting, new high growth markets including Asia and Eastern Europe.

Camilo Restrepo, CEO of Luker Chocolate, said: “Today’s partnership brings Lyra access to Luker’s knowledge of the cocoa supply chain – while Luker benefits from Lyra’s innovation capabilities and access to new geographies. Ultimately, it is a combination of quality, expertise and passion – built up over a decade of cooperation – that allows us to offer better experiences to more customers across the world..”

Lyra now has greater access to research on sustainable cocoa sourcing, whilst continuing its growth in the Slovakian and European premium chocolate sectors. It benefits from Luker’s unique approach that sees farmers as an integral part of the value chain as it processes cocoa at origin.

Karol Styblo, Lyra’s CEO and founder says: “This move will enhance our research and understanding of ethical sourcing, whilst partnering with a business that we know is true to our core values, delivering premium products that are sourced to the highest sustainable standards.”

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