GNT delivers latest green shade extension to core Exberry colouring food

Colouring foods specialist GNT has further expanded its flagship product range with an addition to its Exberry series in delivering a new powder made from turmeric and spirulina, reports Neill Barston.

The bright green shade has been devised to deliver  bright, bluish green shades in dry and powdered applications such as bakery mixes, as well as seasonings for a number of product ranges.

Based on the concept of colouring food with food, the powder is created from edible, plant-based raw materials using only traditional physical processing methods. As a result, it is considered to be a food ingredient rather than an additive in the EU and many other parts of the world.

Available alongside the liquid-based Exberry Shade Jade Green, it means manufacturers can now deliver bluish green shades in almost any application while maintaining clean and clear labels.

Maartje Hendrickx, Market Development Manager at GNT Group, said: “Our new Exberry Shade Bright Green powder opens up further opportunities for manufacturers to create vibrant green products with clean ingredient lists. It’s made from well-known, on-trend raw materials using physical processing methods with no chemical solvents, providing an ideal option for today’s demanding consumers.”

The new series is pH-independent and is approved for use in the majority of countries worldwide. As turmeric is naturally sensitive to light, opaque or non-transparent packaging is recommended for optimal performance.

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