Nestlé claims first with debut Nescafé coating for ice cream series

A notable breakthrough from Nestlé has been unveiled for the ice cream sector with the company set to create a buzz using a Nescafé coffee coating.

According to the business, its latest line “breaks new ground” by using real coffee in both the coating and the ice cream core, as opposed to coffee flavours.

The coating or ‘ganache’ that covers the Nescafé Gold Cappuccino Ice Cream is made using Nestlé’s patented ‘soft coating’ technology. In contrast to the hard coatings used in typical chocolate-based stick ice creams, this soft ganache uses Nescafé Gold coffee, which also features in the ice cream core.

Guglielmo Bonora, head of Nestlé R&D Singapore, said: “Leveraging this ‘soft coating’ technology, our teams met the challenge of finding the perfect balance between ‘coffee-ness’, milkiness and sweetness, to bring the Nescafé Gold Cappuccino experience to life!”

“The ganache is designed to melt at a similar rate to the ice cream core, so people can better enjoy the release of sweetness and coffee from the coating, alongside the ice cream.”

Global head confectionery and ice cream strategic business unit, Alexander von Maillot, said: “We didn’t just want to make a coffee-flavoured ice cream, but rather take the Nescafé coffee experience and recreate it in the ice cream category. This indulgent, premium ice cream is the perfect treat for consumers.”

Sold in a paper wrapper that is designed to be recycled via the paper stream, Nescafé Gold Cappuccino Ice Cream will be sold in Malaysia over the next few months, with a view to possible rollouts in further Nestlé ice cream markets worldwide.

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