Love Cocoa and H!P Chocolate to stage first-ever pop up events in London this week

Fast-rising British confectionery brands H!P Chocolate and Love Cocoa, are set to host their first ever pop-up event this week, which will be being held at Oxford Street, London.

Starting tomorrow (April 7), between 11am-5:30pm, the showcase will offer an insight into their respective range of products that have been devised by teams led by founder James Cadbury, the great-great-great grandson of John Cadbury.

H!P Chocolate will be exhibiting its oat milk-based chocolate to celebrate the first birthday of the vegan chocolate brand, which has seen over one million bars sold so far. They will be offering sampling throughout the day and free bars for the first one hundred customers, alongside the possibility of golden ticket prizes.

Between 8-9 April, Love Cocoa will be taking over the pop-up which has reached its own milestone of one million trees planted in Africa as part of its Plant A Tree campaign.

It too, will be offering customers samples and golden ticket prizes whilst displaying its Luxury Easter Collection, which will be available to purchase, every one of which will plant a further tree in East Kenya.

James Cadbury has built both brands with an eco-centric ethos, using sustainably-sourced slave-free cocoa, plastic-free packaging, and committing its efforts to combating climate change and deforestation, namely through its Plant A Tree campaign.

The pop-up will be situated at Sook Spaces, 58 Oxford Street, W1D 1BH between 7 – 9 April.

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