UK plant-based chocolate brand H!P delivers vegan-friendly salted honeycomb bar

UK-founded confectionery brand H!P (Happiness in Plants), has unveiled its latest vegan-friendly confectionery line in the form of its Salted Honeycomb Bar, reports Neill Barston.

As a dairy free alternative to milk chocolate, it has been developed using a sustainably-sourced single origin Colombian cocoa, creamy oat milk and chunks of honeycomb, before adding British sea salt, with 30% reduced sugar than conventional bar series.

It is also 100% eco-friendly with plastic free packaging that’s also completely recyclable, in line with the brand’s eco and sustainable ethos. In addition, the new bar also features in a letterbox-friendly tasting kit, available here along with the brand’s other four variants, RSP £14.90.

H!P has been devised by James Cadbury, great-great-great grandson of John Cadbury, who followed in the family’s footsteps in creating his own confectionery brand, Love Cocoa, which is enjoying a period of sustained growth.

He said: “H!P has captured the flexitarian zeitgeist with both its hip flavours and branding. Over 1million H!P bars have been sold since we launched back in March 2021, testament to the ever-growing popularity of oat milk, which is far more sustainable to produce, compared to traditional dairy milk chocolate. The team and I are excited to be bringing out a new variant, which will hopefully appeal to H!P devotees and bring in a raft of new fans too.”

H!P is also available in Creamy & Smooth, Salty Pretzels, Cookies No Cream and Salted Caramel variants, which are available in Ocado, Booth’s and via Getir.


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