ProSweets confirms packaging special focus, and exemption from new German Covid measures

With just under two weeks to go, the teams behind ProSweets in Cologne have confirmed that the event will have a strong special event focus on sustainable and resource saving and digital innovations within the packaging market, reports Neill Barston.

Notably, organisers address the ongoing pandemic situation, which has risen within Germany in the past two weeks, with more than 90,000 reported cases in the country recorded last Friday- which follows in the wake of high levels of instances in countries including France and the UK.

Despite this, a conference of the State of Ministers held on January 7, ruled there would be a ban on large public events – though as ab B2B exhibition, ProSweets and ISM have gained an exemption, meaning it can proceed as anticipated on January 30, with up more than 200 exhibitors planned for the trade fair.

There have been a number of special measures put in place for the event, including wide aisles, mask wearing and additional sanitising of the site under its ‘3G’ protocols, which it believes will be effective in handling the situation. As part of wider measures being put in place within Germany, bars and restaurants will require proof of vaccination to allow entry.

Consequently, the industry showcase will have a full event programme for 2022, which includes a “Function meets design’ special focus, with partners from different fields of the industry – pacoon GmbH, the Sustainable Packaging Institute (SPI) and Falkenstein Projektmanagement GmbH – will present the innovations of the packaging industry, such as regrowing raw materials or resource-saving waste-avoiding, reusable packaging.

Furthermore, developments especially for the sweets & snacks section will be presented, which have also been designed in line with the new guidelines and EU legislation. In this context, as a further forward-looking theme, the communication options of digital packaging will be examined under the three focal themes Recycling (i.e. digital watermark), Communicative Packaging and Intelligent Packaging.

In each case the focus lies on sustainable and digital solutions, which our experts will additionally talk about on the ISM Expert Stage – both live on stage as well as via the digital platform ISM & ProSweets @home

This includes the Pacoon agency will present innovative and further developed prototype designs. In addition to recycling and packaging solutions made from regrowing raw materials, reusable packaging as a means of saving resources and reducing the amount of waste produced also play a decisive role. Developments especially for sweets & snacks will be presented, which have also been designed in line with new guidelines and under consideration of the current EU legislation.

In addition, theSpecialised Institute of the University of Albstadt-Sigmaringen combines application-oriented research with industrial implementation. In a constant exchange with the industry, associations, organisations and other research institutes, innovative ideas and creative solutions for complex and practice-related issues arise. The SPI will present current research results in the scope of the PACKAGING special event and answer questions on sustainable packaging concepts.

There will also be participation from Falkenstein Projektmanagement, concentrates on digital packaging solutions placing a special focus on communicative packaging, the digital watermark and intelligent packaging solutions.

The packaging of the future will become communication platforms and complete data media. They bring the clear benefits of being more readily traceable, providing more product information, as well as offering innovative interaction possibilities with customers, for example with the aid of QR codes.

Other core aspects of the ProSweets event include its guided toors in conjunction with Koelnmesse, the German Agricultural Society (DLG) is offering approx. one-hour guided tours on the topic Sustainability in packaging concepts. There will also be lectures by individual exhibitors and experts will take place on the joint “Expert Stage” of ISM and ProSweets. Among others, the DLG, the SPI and Pacoon GmbH will talk about their above-mentioned focal themes related to the packaging industry section. Selected lectures will be recorded and transmitted live on the digital platform, ISM & ProSweets @home.

ISM Award

Meanwhile, for ProSweets’ end product focused sister show, ISM, Luigi Zàini, CEO of the medium-sized Italian sweets company, Luigi Zàini S.p.A., is the winner of this year’s ISM Award – the first time someone from the county has been given the accolade.

The company  produces and sells cocoa and sugar-based products. The sales network of the Zàini products covers the whole of Italy and they are exported to over 80 countries worldwide, with the business employing  around 200 people in the three Milan-based production sites and at the logistic platform in Pavia.

With his sister Antonella Zàini, Luigi Zàini runs the company today in the meanwhile third generation. Luigi Zàini S.p.A. has exhibited at every edition of ISM since its premiere in 1971.

Luigi Zàini is delighted at winning the ISM Award: “I am literally thrilled at receiving this distinction, which is an honour for the company, for my sister and for me personally. My thoughts go immediately to all of the people who have been working for Zàini for generations and who together with our business partners have significantly contributed towards the company’s success story. I would like to dedicate this prize to all of these people!”

The road to success
Founded in 1913, Luigi Zàini S.p.A. stands for a hundred years of tradition. From the very start diversity has been one of the guiding principles of the company. The founder, Luigi Zàini, already asked himself back then: “All people are different, so why don’t we create different chocolate and sweets for everyone?”

Ever since, Zàini products have come in different shapes and colours, packed in elegant boxes or colourful, retro-look tins. Over the course of time, sugar-free versions or chocolate fruits have been added to the range of traditional Italians products.

The “Line Emilia”, extra-dark block chocolate, is the special gem of the sweets company. It stands out with its valuable recipe, which has remained unchanged over the years and which is above all used today for the production of chocolate desserts. The dark block chocolate was named after the nanny of the Zàini sons in the 1950s, who enabled their mother to go back to work full time after the early death of Luigi Zàini.

At the time, Olga Zàini was one of the few business women in the industry. Her innovative visions have shaped the company long-term: Equality is still an important and non-negotiable corporate value at Zàini S.P.A. today.

The award winner is also well-known for his child-friendly chocolate. By producing chocolate eggs filled with collectable toys of the most important licenses loved by children. Finally, further products, such as cocoa products and spreads containing cereals low in sugar and fats turn Zàini into a “hidden champion” in the battle to create the most innovative sweets for children.

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