Chocoa cocoa and chocolate event set for 2022 virtual return

The Amsterdam-founded Chocoa cocoa and confectionery event is set to return as an online event in February 2022, placing core issues of sustainability in the spotlight, reports Neill Barston.

Hopes had been raised of returning the established industry event to its traditional live format in The Netherlands, but with the region presently under a month-long covid lockdown, it will reprise its online format introduced earlier this year.

As Confectionery Production previously reported in an exclusive video interview, the 2021 edition of the show’s virtual platform was quickly brought together, featuring some of the sector’s most prominent businesses and organisations.

Organisers Caroline Lubbers & Jack Steijn offered an introductory statement to the event, which will be hosted online between February 22-24.

They said: “More than ever, we believe in connecting people to develop sustainable markets for cocoa and chocolate. In uncertain times where Covid-19, climate change, deforestation, and discussions on living income dominate the industry, we want to provide you the platform to exchange knowledge and ideas, network, and explore new business opportunities.

We believe that bringing together all stakeholders in the cocoa and chocolate industry will contribute to the sustainability of the entire chain. With this conviction, we invite you to join Chocoa 2022 online and create the opportunities that will bring your business and the industry forward.”

‚ÄčThe 2022 schedule for Chocoa is presently being developed, with the event set to include a series of presentations across its three days from industry experts, as well as opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange.


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