Hancocks maximises Halloween season as pandemic restrictions lift

UK-based wholesaler Hancocks has showcased a significant array of new Halloween confectionery launches for celebrations next month, in response to major pandemic curbs last year, writes Neill Barston.

As the business noted, 2020 had been far quieter in terms of retail sales, with Covid-19 restrictions meaning lockdown scenarios impacting severely on communities ability to hold public gatherings.

Among brands featuring with the wholesaler is a new series of Bubs vegan confectionery is being launched for the Halloween season and added to the extensive Hancocks pick and mix range. Latest additions include Bubs vegan Cool Cola Skulls, vegan Liquorice Skulls, vegan Big Sour Skulls and vegan Mini Sour Skull Mix.

Other companies on its books include a new pick and mix ranges from Kingsway. Among them, Monster Jellies, Pumpkin Marshmallows, Tongue Painter Jelly Filled Marshmallows and Pumpkin Jellies.

Bonds new Spooky Mix Shaker Cup is the perfect go-to for Halloween parties and Halloween gifting. The themed mix is a selection of Bonds’ favourite Halloween treats from the Halloween Pick N Mix line including Candy Skulls, Jelly Snakes, Pumpkin Mallows and the scarily real Gummy Dentures.

Also new to the Halloween range from Bonds are the Single Halloween Mallow Pops which come in favourite Halloween themed characters like Dracula, a pumpkin and a ghost which are sure to be in demand with retailers for young audiences.

For retailers looking for the confectionery treats for younger sweet lovers, Crazy Candy Factory’s brand-new Skull Suckerz presents a further option- with the brightly coloured skull shaped treats are being offered to retailers in a mixed case of flavours including orange, strawberry, blue raspberry and cherry.

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