Fritsch’s social media campaign supports bakery sector amid key challenges

German-based bakery group Fritsch has offered a response to the coronavirus crisis with its #SaveOurBakers social media campaign, highlight the major challenges faced by small and medium-sized bakeries.

The company said that the pandemic had placed such businesses in a “critical situation” and expressed its concern for such enterprises which are key partners in development of technology relating to the sector, as well as drivers of new finished product development.

As the firm explained, its #SaveOurBakers initiative has drawn attention to the personal experiences of bakers, with a number of stories of resilience emerging from the campaign. It has offered those within the sector access to the Fritsch network and the ability share their own initiatives or new business models that have arisen from the current situation.

In addition to the legal regulations, they have implemented numerous creative solutions in the shortest possible time, including the introduction of pop-up bakeries, bread trucks, delivery services and the opening of online shops and pick-up stations. Many bakeries also support local producers and welfare charities by ordering ingredients as well as donations.

Among the businesses posting to the campaign so far, is Australian-based Tucker’s Natural, snacks business specialising in crackers, which noted valuable contributions of those working across the business during the crisis.

“It’s a really challenging time for all with COVID-19 infiltrating all avenues of our life, our family, friends & community. What it has heightened is how valuable our close relationships with people are from our immediate circle to those flowing outwards that contribute to our wellbeing. From our health workers, to our retail workers, cleaners & beyond and for me also my employees and business colleagues.
We are a community and we all need each other and the roles that each of us plays. Stay safe, social distance and support your local community”, said Sam Tucker, founder of Tucker’s.

Fritsch has been sharing one of these stories every week. To date, over 38.000 impressions have so far been achieved on the social media channels. All bakers who would like to share their ideas with the world are welcome to take part by sending their call, including images or video material, by e-mail to [email protected] or via one of the Fritsch social media channels. Show your support and spread your message at #SaveOurBakers.



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