Mars pledges saturated fat reduction

Mars Chocolate UK has pledged a 15% reduction in saturated fat across a number of its core chocolate bars. From summer 2010, Mars, Snickers, Milky Way, Topic and Flyte in the UK will all contain at least 15% less saturated fat per bar compared with their current recipes.

The move is said to be the result of five years of development, with an investment of €10 million. The pledge coincides with the UK’s Food Standards Agency’s second phase of its saturated fat campaign.
Other nutritional developments as part of the Mars Raising the Bar’ programme include minimising trans fatty acid levels, introducing clear Guideline Daily Allowances and front of pack labelling and completely removing artificial colours and flavouring from all chocolate bars
Fiona Dawson, managing director, Mars Chocolate UK says “We are proud to have achieved this as a result of many years of research and investment. We remain committed to improving the nutritional quality of our products whilst delivering the same great taste to our consumers.”

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