Giant Snickers breaks world record for 90th anniversary

A global record has been smashed by Mars Wrigley, as it unveiled the largest Snickers bar ever made during a Guinness World Records title bid at the company’s Waco, Texas, US plant.

The huge treat, weighing more than two metric tonnes, is a small version of something even bigger the brand has reportedly planned for Super Bowl LIV, as part of the brand’s 90th anniversary celebrations.

The record-setting bar features the same classic ingredients that has made Snickers one of America’s favourite treats —but on a much larger scale—including more than 1,200 pounds of caramel, peanuts and nougat combined and nearly 3,500 pounds of chocolate. The mega bar is equivalent to more than 41,000 single-size snickers.

“It’s a big year for the Snickers brand,” said Josh Olken, Brand Director, Snickers. “We’re not only celebrating the 90th anniversary of the brand, but the Super Bowl will also mark ten years since the iconic “Game” spot launched the award-winning ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ campaign. What better time than the Super Bowl to satisfy something on the biggest scale yet?”

With more than 600 Associates, the Waco Mars Wrigley plant that created this modern satisfaction marvel is also responsible for producing millions of Snickers bars each year.

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