Precision Roll Grinders equipment marks 50th anniversary

US-based Precision Roll Grinders (PRG) is celebrating its 50th anniversary for its cylindrical roll grinds, which are widely used across industries including the processing operations within the confectionery sector.

The business, which is now expanding globally, has its headquarters in Allentown, Pennsylvania, was established in 1969 by the late business partners Dr. Adam Schildge, founder of Transmares Corporation and Conti Rubber Products (CRP Industries) and Dr. Gerhard Syrbius, former CEO of Hermann Berstorff, a manufacturer of heavy machinery located in Hannover, Germany.

As the company explained, the two joined forces when Renolit Corporation (later known as Reneer Films) based in nearby Auburn, Pa., was interested in purchasing machinery from Hermann Berstorff. They founded PRG to serve the market here and save the customer the transportation costs and downtime involved in sending rolls back to Germany to be serviced.

PRG opened its first location and corporate headquarters at 6356 Chapmans Road, Allentown, in 1970. The first president of the company, George Maniatty, served for 32 years and built the foundation of PRG on a dedication to customers, pledging on time, every time delivery services. “We don’t promise what we can’t deliver so that customers can have confidence in us,” said Maniatty. “You have to listen to the customers and their problems to come up with transformative solutions.”

Over the years, PRG has expanded from their flagship in Allentown to locations in Carrollton, Georgia, Lewisport, Kentucky, and Texarkana, Arkansas, to be closer to customers. By providing the best delivery times, tightest tolerances, and as the only company that can perform 3D grinding services, PRG lives up to their motto that no one even comes close to the quality that they provide. “The one common thing across all of our markets is our quality and our tight tolerances and we hold those with our machines, our people, our tools, and our methods,” said Ed Gumina, president and CEO of PRG.

In addition to the company’s 50th anniversary, PRG is also celebrating the 30th anniversary of its Carrollton facility, the 20th anniversary of its Lewisport facility, and the 15th anniversary of its Texarkana facility.

The company’s newest venture is to take its services worldwide. “The big change we are in the process of making is that we are addressing the need for our tolerances across the globe,” said Gumina. “We’ve started by going into Asia and Central America, and are now we are going to provide service to South America.”

According to Gumina, although PRG will continue to grow, the one thing that will stay the same is its quality and service. “With the most advanced machinery and methods, it’s really the people at PRG that give it an unbeatable name,” he states. “The technical ability and incomparable dedication of the staff have helped PRG provide 50 years of precision work to customers and will continue to provide that service for years to come.”

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