Revamped gum packaging from Peppersmith created with plastic-free design

Chewing gum brand Peppersmith has devised plastic-free, redesigned packaging which will gain a commercial release from next month.

As the company explained, the new look packs (pictured below) have been adapted to have a perforated tamper-free tab to ensure freshness, as well as being more eco-friendly, using FSC accredited card and plant-based sweetener xylitol.

Each display box will feature an eye-catching image of the flavour – a spearmint or peppermint leaf, lemon or strawberry – on a bright bold background and with wrap around lettering to stand out on shelves. The striking new designs have been created by B&B Studio, who also crafted the designs for brands such as Pip & Nut and Fever Tree.

The products use plant-based sweetener xylitol – the perfect sugar substitute being low calorie, low GI, and amazing at protecting teeth by minimising the build-up of plaque and killing 90% of bacteria in the mouth. Xylitol used together with other natural and plant-based ingredients mean Peppersmith mints and gum are vegan-friendly and proven to be good for you.

The company’s range presently consists of consists of: Peppermint Mints, Extra Strong Mints, Lemon Mints, Strawberry Pastilles, Peppermint Chewing Gum & Spearmint Chewing Gum.

Head of marketing at Peppersmith, Sasha Holt, said: “We’re super excited to show the world our new plastic-free packaging. We’ve listened to our customers and worked really hard to make a recyclable tamperproof plastic-free design work. The new bold and modern look will also give us much more impact and stand out and we can’t wait to see it on the shelves.”


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