Gourmet milk chocolate


Valrhona has launched a new milk chocolate couverture for culinary professionals; Azélia 35% is the new addition to Valrhona’s Gourmet Creation range.

Following the launch of Biskélia, a milk chocolate couverture with warm notes of toasted biscuit and soft caramel, elevated with a touch of salt, the newcomer Azélia transports professionals to a gourmet world of hazelnut.

Notes of toasted hazelnuts create a subtle balance between chocolate, milk and nuts. The perfect harmony of flavours makes it suitable for a variety of applications, such as chocolate bonbons, bars and tablets, ganache, desserts, ice cream and sorbet, mousse and molds.

Azélia 35% will inspire pastry chefs with a wide range of pairings for their creations, including yellow fruits, such as apples and pears, as well as dried and exotic fruits and nuts, caramel, biscuits, puffed grains, and coffee.

This new milk chocolate delivers extraordinary indulgence with lightness, emboldened by flavours and a warm cozy colour reminiscent of childhood pleasures.

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