Award for bagging machine

Rovema, a designer and provider of packaging machinery for the food industry, has received a prestigious German Packaging Award for Best Machine of 2014 for its BVC Series VFFS (Vertical Form-Fill-Seal) Bagging Machine equipped with the company’s innovative Premium-Seal system. For the first time, Premium-Seal offers the option to pre-heat and then compress multilayered seal seam packing material for optimum tightness. Developed by Rovema specifically for the BVC Series, the versatile, programmable and sensitive sealing technology can also be used for other applications.

The dual-axis servo packaging machine can produce up to 260 bags per minute, and is equipped with real-time control technology that is fully programmable and highly user-friendly. The BVC is also highly flexible in terms of the sizes and styles of bags it can produce, which include pillow, flat-bottom, Stabilo (quad-seal), stand-ups, zipper recloseable and more. It offers energy efficiency as well as flexibility – especially in its wide range of compatible packaging material, high process reliability and minimisation of downtimes in the high power range.

In addition, the BVC Series incorporates a patented Sense and Seal quality control solution that determines, for example, if product is present in the cross seal area and, if so, discharges the bag without the application of sealing pressure. The intelligent system thus prevents any excess product from being accidentally sealed in the seal area which, in addition to immediate product defects, could also decrease sealing tool efficiency and life expectancy. In addition to the automatic bag discharge of defective packages, this reduction in down-times for jam clearance and reduced wear and tear on cutting blades help ensure high efficiency and long, uninterrupted machine runs.

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