Almonds are top nut

It was revealed after the latest Innova Market Insights global new products report that almonds have maintained their position as leading nut type as they have since 2006. Almonds are also the top nut used in bakery, desserts, cereal and ice cream worldwide and are the second most popular nut for snacking.

Confectionery has continued to be the leading category for new almond products in Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. It was also revealed through a global consumer study that almonds are consumers favourite added ingredient in a chocolate bar and that two thirds of consumers asked are more likely to buy a chocolate bar with almonds than without.

Molly Spence, regional director of North America at the Almond Board of California, explained: “Almonds are truly multi-functional, from the standpoint of both consumers and product developers.” Almond growth continues to be sustainable in the 940,000 acres of California farm used to grow about 80 percent of the world’s almonds.

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