Benefits of gelatin and collagen peptides

Rousselot, a gelatin and collagen peptides producer, will be showcasing its portfolio of functional food ingredients at this years’ Food Ingredients China (FIC) in Shanghai, 25-27 March 2014.

The company will showcase its line of gelatine-based solutions in addition to the latest research in support of its innovative Peptan collagen peptides range. Both ranges will be available to sample on-stand in a variety of applications to demonstrate to visitors how ways in which Rousselot’s ingredients can be put to use.

Rousselot’s gelatines offer gelling, foaming, emulsifying and binding properties for a range of applications. Particularly suitable for confectionery, gelatines can help manufacturers obtain specific textures in product formulation, even in lighter confections. Additionally, gelatine helps manufacturers to replace ‘unhealthy’ ingredients like fat and sugar.

Visitors to the stand will be able to trial Rousselot gelatins in a variety of products, such as gummy sweets, toffees and marshmallows, as well as dairy products.

Rousselot will also be presenting its collagen peptide range, Peptan, on-stand. A high quality source of protein, Peptan is a natural, highly digestible and bioactive range of ingredients, which offers various unique biofunctional properties.

Some scientific studies have claimed that Peptan has the ability to rejuvenate skin collagen structure and to promote the development of healthy bones and joints. Furthermore, proteins are known to be among the most satiating macronutrients. As a pure protein source shown to induce satiety, Rousselot believes that collagen peptides can have a beneficial effect in weight management programmes.

Easy to use, Peptan is taste-, colour- and odour-free. The range will be available to sample on-stand in a variety of different applications, including powder drinks and Beauty Cherries sweets with anti-aging and skin beauty benefits.

Gelatine will be the focus of a seminar led by Rousselot at FIC. In the talk, ‘The innovative applications of gelatine in the food industry’, Minghui Yang, technical expert, Rousselot China will introduce the latest uses for gelatine in the food industry. This seminar will take place at 09:30 on March 26 in hall 1, meeting room 8.

In addition, Rousselot will present global research into the efficacy of collagen peptides in combination with three other international gelatine manufacturers at the seminar “Recent world scientific researches and efficacy of collagen peptides.” There, Rousselot will showcase in full the findings of the recent clinical study on the effect of Peptan on joint health, undertaken with the Shanghai 6th People’s Hospital. This trial was published in the Chinese Journal of Osteoporosis in November 2013. The event will take place at 13:30 on March 26 in hall 1, meeting room 7.

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