Natural pink and violet shades

Wild Flavors GmbH has introduced a new raw material as a source for the pink/violet shade – the purple sweet potato.

With the purple sweet potato containing anthocyanin, Wild can now provide a broader range of purple shades to meet the food and beverage industries’ demand for natural colours.

Wild is constantly looking for new sources of raw materials and carrying out research to enable the production of new colour nuances. Using the product gained from the purple sweet potato, the company now offers an even broader selection in its Colours from Nature range, allowing producers to meet the consumers’ demand for all natural food and beverages. This anthocyanin source results in an attractive pink raspberry colour with no undesirable aftertaste or scent.

The pigments providing colour are selectively extracted from the purple sweet potato. In the list of ingredients for the final product, the purple shade is indicated with the E-number E163 and by the name of the colour, anthocyanin. The colour is water-soluble and is characterised by good heat, light and acid stability.

With the new colour, manufacturers can develop food and beverages in various shades, from pink to purple. It is suitable for use in a host of food and beverage applications, ranging from confectionery products, such as hard candies or fruit gums, to beverages such as berry, cherry or red fruit flavoured drinks, clear or cloudy products.

Like other anthocyanins, manufacturers can apply the new raspberry shade in a technically straightforward manner. It is produced at Wild in Valencia, where the core competency is developing and producing red colouring foodstuffs and natural colours from fruit and vegetables. Vertical integration ensures that the required raw materials are always available in high, standardised quality. In addition to the red colour portfolio for Wild’s Colours from Nature range, the product portfolio covers fruit juice concentrates, natural fruit sweetening systems, and plant extracts.


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