Manufacturers set the spooky tone for global Halloween celebrations

With Halloween just under a couple of weeks away, the signs are looking strong for the confectionery sector as far as sales of sweets and snacks are concerned.

Clearly, the US still leads the way in this segment, and as we have previously reported, this year, total spending in the US on all things relating to the spooky season is set to top an eye-watering $10 billion, with treats forming a healthy portion of that figure.

Where America leads, Europe very often follows shortly behind, and it seems there’s plenty of enthusiasm for celebrations within the UK in particular, which has embraced the season with much enthusiasm.

With production of Halloween themed confectionery clearly being big business, it’s perhaps not understandable that industry insiders have been hoping that this year’s celebrations turn out to be full scale events, given the impact on the industry over the past two years.

Clearly, the pandemic will still be with us by the end of this month for the official Halloween date, but it seems studies in the US have shown that a vast majority of families are preparing to stage their own parties, even if they have to still hold them in more restrained terms than traditional trick or treating events that have typically involved wider communities.

While there may not have been quite the level of hype surrounding some pre-pandemic Halloween years, major manufacturers including Ferrero, Mars Wrigley and Hershey have all invested in promoting their respective ranges for the season, so it’s likely to prove another memorable event this season despite the challenging times we’re still inhabiting.

Neill Barston, editor, Confectionery Production

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