Final countdown for World Confectionery Conference registration

With the final countdown to the World Confectionery Conference in full swing, we’ve been greatly encouraged by the positive reaction we’ve had from our key contacts, colleagues and friends across our industries.

So here’s a quick reminder for any of you who may not have yet registered for the event – it’s well worth you doing so to enable you to engage with a broad programme of content that we believe offers a dynamic and engaging snapshot of our sector as it meets the challenges of 2021 head on.

Our exclusive content through our series of presentations including keynotes from Aldo Cristiano, president of European confectionery body CAOBISCO addressing the present state of the industry, Jon Walker, a cocoa specialist from Fairtrade on the urgent need for determining a better price for cocoa farmers.

Notably, our editorial board member Andy Baxendale examines the need for manufacturing training to ensure the next generation of confectioners ensures the future of our industry looks bright, as well as some highly engaging analysis from Innova Market Insights and Euromonitor on the state of our industries amid the ongoing pandemic.

There’s a full compliment of speakers who will be sharing our virtual stage on 1st June (which will be available on demand throughout the month), ranging from equipment businesses, ingredients specialists, and established finished product companies that offer an expert eye on where our markets are heading.

As you will discover, there’s no shortage of creativity and imagination being shown by companies around the world during 2021, but there’s no doubt that they’ve had to dig deep during the past year in particular.

Though notable challenges remain for many aspects of the confectionery trade, we sincerely hope our debut event paints a picture of gradually improving conditions that reflect the fact there continues to be an impressive degree of resilience shown right across our combined industries. So here’s hoping that you enjoy the show – I will be on hand personally as part of our exhibition stand as part of our team’s digital presence at the event, so please do drop me a line if you have a burning question about the event or any of the topics we will be tackling during the event.

Neill Barston,editor, Confectionery Production

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